Viktorija Grigorjevaite

Creative Director, Sane Seven

Having recognised photography as a means to realising ideas that are otherwise difficult to express Viktorija has developed a big flare to master this communicative tool and apply it to helping companies and individuals create, maintain, or change their visual identities. In her opinion, every image is a message and it’s important to be in control of what it is saying about a company, a brand, a product or an individual. Her drive and motivation is to find ways to improve the clarity of that message.

In addition to her relationship with Sane Seven, Viktorija is a former Creative Director at The Collective Magazine, a lecturer at John Moores University and a board member at Merseyside Youth Association. I guess all these things somehow make her double special.

Viktorija has degrees in Photography, Sociology and Fine Art. She often combines these disciplines in her Fine Art Projects where she likes exploring social problems. Also, it would not be unusual to see her curating an exhibition when she has time. She has been recently awarded a viewer’s choice prize at Samsung Launching People and nominated as one of the top emerging artists in the North of England.