National English Ballet

The story behind the pyramid tomb on Rodney Street was the inspiration for ‘The Tale of William McKenzie.’ Legend has it that McKenzie, a Liverpool engineer, bet and lost his soul when gambling with the Devil and, when he died, in an attempt to thwart Satan, he is said to have chosen for his resting place a pyramid tomb above ground, seated at a card table, holding a royal flush.  The ‘pop-up’ performance is based on the story of McKenzie. LJMU students developed the concept, costumes, set design and music for the seven-minute show which was  performed by four ENB dancers in three shows in the foyer of the Art and Design Academy.

George Williamson, Associate Artist at ENB and choreographer of the performance, said: “We wanted to produce this show in collaboration with LJMU students because we know the University has an excellent reputation for the arts and we also want to encourage as many young people as possible to channel their artistic voices through ballet. This is giving them a unique opportunity to use their abilities in a niche medium.”

Lesley Peacock, Senior Lecturer in Fashion, added: “This project has really inspired the students and has enabled them to work hand-in-hand with one of the country’s leading ballet companies. It gives them real world experience and the opportunity to see their work come to life in a public arena.”

Lesley Peacock, lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University said: “Both Benjamin and Kelsey are thrilled that their designs were chosen and will be used by one of the biggest cancer charities in the North West. As their tutor I’m very proud that their talent is being recognised so early on in their career.” NWCR’s O-Very campaign aims to raise awareness of ovarian cancer and its symptoms. Ovarian Cancer affects nearly 7,000 and kills almost 4,400 women every year.