Lotte Manson / Iris van Herpen

Level 6 Fashion Communicator Hannah Ruth Cahill talks with level 6 fashion designer Lotte Manson about her 4 month work placement with Iris van Herpen in Amsterdam.

Where was your placement and how long was it for?
The placement was at Iris van Herpen in Amsterdam and it lasted for a total of four months.

Where did you hear about the internship opportunity and how did you go about applying?
Iris van Herpen has always been one of my favourite designers. I wasn’t even sure there was an available opportunity – I just sent them an email with a copy of my CV and some work from my portfolio and hoped for the best! I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email back asking me to come for an interview and trial day in Amsterdam.

What was a typical working day like?
It was seven days a week and the hours were quite long – I’d usually start at 9am and finish around 6pm, although I often stayed later. It was really hands on which was a great experience and it enabled me to meet different people from all over the world.

Which aspects did you like / dislike the most?
I had lots of good experiences during my placement which will inevitably benefit my future career. I was able to get a really good insight into the world of fashion design and the fast pace of the industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Amsterdam’s culture – just having the opportunity to be in Amsterdam was exciting in itself. The hours were long, which I found hard, but overall I had a really positive experience.

What advice would you give to other students that are considering doing a placement abroad?
Do it! It was an invaluable experience and I would definitely recommend travelling abroad for work experience. It’s really important to get yourself out there – send your CV and examples of your work to any employers that you’re interested in, even if there isn’t necessarily an internship available at that time, it’s always worth doing.